Vartist & live2d rigger

commission status

commissions: closed for undetermined*


* open for vtuber / live2d related requests!

waitlist / rush / merch: dm for inquiry
bean models: TBA



1 Emote$30
5 Emotes$150 $140
10 Emotes$300 $280
+ Layer separation for animation$20
+ Additional character on 1 emote$15
  • 6+ emotes might have an extended ETA: 3+ weeks! DM for personal ETA!

  • Complex designs will be simplified if it seems to fit the style better.

  • Comes in 3 sizes (112x112px, 56x56px, 28x28px)

animated emotes

Animated emotesPrice
1 Emote (art + animation)$60 - $90
1 Emote (animation only, from .psd)$30 - $55
Resize emote / OG size$5
  • No discount for bigger batch!

  • Prices vary depending on the complexity of the animation and character's design.

  • If you want another artist's emote to get animated, ask for their permission first!

  • DM for inquiry: there might be some animations I can't do or the existing emote is not compatible.

  • Comes in 1 size (112x112px)

  • If you need a specific size, let me know ahead, it has an extra fee.

  • Can be used as stream decoration, no fee needed.

sub badges

Sub badgesPrice
Base Badge$20
+ Different Design Badge$20
+ Add-on Detail / Minimal Design Change$15
+ Recolor$10
  • Comes in 3 sizes (72x72px, 36x36px, 18x18px)



1 Panel Art$40
+ Custom Panel Box (small)+ $15
+ Custom Panel Box (big)+ $20
  • 10% off for 5+ pcs!

  • If you need a specific size, let me know ahead.

  • I can create panels based off your character, description, mood board or come up with my own design as well. I just need a color palette.

panel art

1 Panel Art$60
+ Handwritten textFree
  • No discount for bigger batch!

  • Simple, sketch-like art

  • Send me references of your character and general ideas for the panels if you have any.

reactive png

Reactive PNGPrice
2 PNGs (open / closed mouth)$45
4 PNGs (open / closed mouth, open / closed eyes)$55
2 GIFs (open / closed mouth, blinking)$50
  • I can make a reactive png of specific animals or your original character.

  • Designing of mascot or character is NOT included in the price!



+ Additional Character$40
+ Detailed Background$30
+ Additional Pet$20
+ Additional Item$5
Icon (Pfp) Only$30
  • Fully colored and detailed chibi

  • Includes transparent + single color background

smol chibis

Smol ChibiPrice
+ Additional Character$20
+ Additional Pet$5
+ Additional Item$3
  • Simply colored, sketch-like chibi

  • Default standing position, other pose can be discussed.

  • Includes w/ sparkle + w/o sparkle + transparent background versions


character art

TypeSketchFlat ColorCell ShadingSoft Shading
Thighs Up$50$60$80$100
Full Body$60$80$100$120
  • Female characters mostly, but I can try working with male characters too!

  • Includes transparent + single color background

  • Prices might vary depending on the complexity of the characters and level of details.

  • +85% of base price for additional character

What is the difference between sketch, flat color, cel shading and soft shading?

  • Sketch is a simple, not cleaned-up lineart. White background + black lines. No coloring.

  • Flat color illustrations have a sketch feeling with cleaned-up lines and flat colors. No shading.

  • Cel shading has sharp lines when coloring.

  • Soft shading has a soft coloring technique, it looks "more" realistic. (I used Soft Shading on the samples above.)

cell shading example

soft shading example

reference sheet

if you require character or outfit designing, click here

other packages are possible, dm for quote!

Afront (detailed) + back (flat) + 2 headshots (b&w)$140
Bfront (detailed) + side (flat) + back (flat) + 2 headshots (b&w)$170
Cfront (detailed) + back (flat) + chibi (detailed) + 2 headshots (b&w)$180
Dfront (detailed) + back (flat) + side (flat) + chibi (detailed) + 2 headshots (flat)$230
Color PaletteFree
Accessory Close Up (flat)Free
Additional Headshot$20
Accessory Close Up (detailed)$10
Weapon (detailed)$20+
Pet / Mascot (detailed)$20+
Clothing (flat)$30
Alternative Outfit (detailed, front)$60+
  • Includes single color background

  • Prices might vary depending on the complexity of the characters and level of details.


Waitlist for early 2024 
Slot #1TAKEN

other variations are possible, dm for quote!

Small doodle page (1 full body (flat), 3 half body / thigh-up (flat), 1 smol chibi)$160
Big doodle page (1 full body (rendered), 5 half body / thigh-up (flat))$250
Receive PNGs Individually$5 / each
Additional Hairstyle$8 / each pose
Additional Outfit$10/ each pose
Flowers On Background$3
Smol Chibi On Big Doodle Page$10
  • These are the base prices for the simplest designs. Depending on the design complexity, it might come with a $10 - $100 fee.

  • Includes simple decorated, gradient color background

  • You can let me know the poses you'd like, but the amount of poses will be my decision.

  • In case you don't know what you'd like: Please send me your lore or the things you like to do, your hobbies, so I could take inspiration from that.

this commission is not fcfs, however i will contact you in a couple days if your application is accepted.


Character design$150
Outfit design$100
Mascot / Pet design$75

character designing


  1. commissioned with character sheet $120

  2. commissioned with live2d model $80

  • Character design from description / mood board / pictures

  • Prices might vary depending on the complexity of the characters and level of details.

outfit designing


  1. commissioned with character sheet $70

  2. commissioned with live2d model $50

  • Outfit design for an existing character

  • Must provide at least one reference picture (illustration / sketch / etc) of your character

  • Minor changes are fine (e.g.: hair length)

live2d model

other variations are possible, dm for quote!

Vtuber Model (ART ONLY)Price
Chibi$200 - $350
Half Body$500 - $700
Full Body$700 - $1000

model will include

  • ears / tail / wings / etc if your character has any (one option).

  • 3 basic expressions (of your choice, some ideas below)

  • .psd file with separated layers, ready for rigging.

  • transparent .png of model

  • model sheet with expressions

expression examples (not limited to these)

  • Female characters mostly, but I can work on male models too!

  • Max 5 revisions in the sketching stage, every additional revision has a $20 fee.

  • A reference sheet or art is required for submissions. If you don’t have any, it will have a character design fee with a starting price of $80+ (may vary as well).

  • Price depends on the complexity of the characters and level of details.

  • Models are not first come first serve, I will decide based on if I am capable of drawing your model.

  • Commercial rights are included in the price.

this commission is not fcfs, however i will contact you in a couple days if your application is accepted.

examples (not actual models)

more samples coming soon!

instantly accepting models drawn by me! (′◕ᴗ◕‵)
the acceptance of other models will be decided upon seeing the .psd file

live2d rigging

you must provide

  • .psd file with separated layers, ready for rigging

FeaturesChibiHalf BodyFull Body
Head MovementXYZXYZXYZ
Upper Body MovementXYZXYZXYZ
Lower Body MovementMinimalNoYes
Arm MovementMinimalMinimalYes
Hair / Clothing PhysicsYesYesYes
Extra Mouth FormsAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Eye PhysicsAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
  • These are the base prices for the simplest character designs. Depending on the design complexity, it might come with a $10 - $300 fee.

  • If you don’t have a nicely separated .psd file of your model, I might refuse to work with you.

  • Riggings are not first come first serve, I will decide based on if I am capable of rigging your model.

  • Max 5 revisions, every additional revision has a $20 fee.

  • Privacy fee is 20% of the total price (to not post sneak peeks and such before a certain date).

all rigging packages will include

  • Breathing, Basic facial movements, Standard physics (hair, clothing)

  • 3 expression toggles (of your choice or what your model comes with)

  • All files necessary for use in face tracking software (Vtube Studio)

✦ Sticker Expression (sparkle, heart, etc)$5 - $25✦ Complex Expression (animated)$20 - $50
✦ Animation$40 - $150✦ Idle Animation (wing, tail, etc)$30 - $100
✦ Eye Physics$40+✦ Extra Mouth Forms (AEIOU)$50
✦ Alternative Hairstyle$50 - $200✦ Alternative Outfit$80 - $300
✦ Additional Hand / Arm Pose$30 - $100✦ Additional Clothing / Accessory Toggle$30 - $80
✦ Animal Ears, tails, wings, horns$20 - $80✦ Live2D Pet$50 - $250
✦ Side Stepping$50+✦ Cheek Puffs (IOS)$30
✦ Tongue Out (IOS)$50✦ Mouth X (IOS)$50
✦ Cursor Tracking (Drawing)$80+✦ Sleeping Idle (lost tracking)$20
✦ Hip Sway$70✦ Vbridger Mouthcoming soon
  • These are the base prices for add-ons. Prices may vary depending on complexity and level of details.

Click here for a rigging quote!

eye physics

head movement x

animal ear physics

no eye physics

extra mouth forms (aeiou) example

animal tail physics

half body vtuber model

chibi vtuber model

more samples coming soon!

bean model

art by yoshiiteru - rig by alexalap

currently closed. planned reopening: tba

base price: 400 usd

base price for art and rigging with a simple design

depending on design complexity and amount of add-ons requested, the final price quote could be double the base price! please keep that in mind when applying.

will include

  • art + rig, ready for streaming

  • includes 8 expression toggles (shocked, angry, tears, etc)

  • Price depends on the complexity of the character and level of details.

  • Not first come first serve. A Google application form will get opened.

  • Only offered as a full bundle! "Art only" is not available.

♡ vtuber children ♡

[as of october 2023]


Michi Mango

rig-only | oct 2023


rig-only | aug 2023


rig-only | sep 2023


rig-only | feb 2023


rig-only | aug 2023

Cece Corgi

rig-only | apr 2022

Quote Calculator

note: you'll get a rough estimate from the calculator but it may be different from my actual price quote depending on complexity.

terms of service


✔ original character✘ furry
✔ some animals✘ mech/robots
✔ soft NSFW✘ NSFW
✔ food✘ serious violence



  • Commissions are first come, first serve, unless a rush commission is on-going.

  • Please do NOT rush me, I need time to complete the work.

  • If the artwork violates the Twitch Rules, it is not my fault (since it was your idea).

  • Please include clear visual references unless it is a character designing commission.

  • My drawings evolve as time goes by, so make sure to check out my latest drawing style on my Twitter. Even if you commissioned me before, your future commissions may look different, even if I remain your artist.

  • I do not work under deadlines unless discussed which will result in fees. (DM for inquiry).

  • Please allow me up to 2-12 weeks to complete your commission. Excluding weekends: Saturdays and Sundays. (Could be completed earlier depending on the work load. Rush fee is available!)


  • All payments are done via Paypal / Ko-fi. USD only!

  • For currency exchange, I use xe.com

  • An additional transaction fee will be charged: +6% (of total price) above $70 orders! No exceptions!

  • All commissions must be paid upfront in full, unless discussed otherwise.

  • Payment through a donation service, such as Streamelements, Ko-fi donation or Twitch bits is counted as a donation/tip, not as payment toward your commission.

  • Your commission request will be dropped or cancelled if you do not respond to me or have not sent your payment within 3 days of agreement.

  • All prices shown on the website are starting websites. Prices may vary depending on complexity of the characters or number of details.

  • Don't send me any payment before I have agreed to giving you a slot.


  • Submit all the details needed for the commission in DM or by filling the form. (type, amount, expressions, references, etc)

  • I will contact you within a week based on your preferred contact method to discuss the details and give a price quote.

  • Once accepted, you'll be placed on the waitlist (first come, first serve).

  • I will begin sketching. (unlimited revisions, major changes in details, completely new sketch comes with a fee)

  • Once sketches are approved, I'll finish coloring. (Minor changes are possible: colors, small details. No fixing in pose / clothes / expression.)

  • I will send a preview of the finished artwork for final approval.

  • I will send the files to the email address you provided.

  • The commission is considered completed once the files have been delivered. Modifications after this will be charged accordingly.

  • Rushing me during the commission or contacting me excessively asking for progress updates is forbidden and will lead to cancelation. Please be respectful, understanding and patient.

copyright and usage

  • I own the rights to all commissioned works, whether completed or discontinued.

  • You must credit me by tagging me anywhere you post / use the commissioned work (Twitter: @alexalap / Twitch: alexalapp).

  • Small signature will be added to illustrations, unless correct rights are purchased.

  • Regular commission prices listed are for personal use only. If you would like to use them for commercial purposes, you MUST inform me ahead and pay the correct fee.

  • Live2D commission prices listed are for commercial use.

i, the artist:

  • retain the rights to my artwork.

  • reserve the right to decline your commission for any reason.

  • reserve the right to use your commission as future sample or portfolio display.

  • reserve the right to post your commission on social media and to livestream it. In case it is considered a secret project, I will wait till a discussed debut date to post it if it's within 2 months. To keep the commission private for a longer time, a NDA fee will be charged.

  • forbid the resale of my artwork with regards to regular illustrations commissioned for personal use and Live2D models.

you, the commissioner:

  • allowed to use the commissioned work for personal usage (profile picture, wallpaper, etc).

  • may print the artwork for yourself, not for sale.

  • may use it for self promotion on social media and use the artwork for streaming as long as the artwork is not the main subject of the earnings.

  • must not edit, trace, distribute, modify, make merchandise, or claim/credit the commissioned artwork as their own!

copyright infringement:

  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially, aka making money off of it (unless paid for Commercial Rights).

  • Taking credit for the creation of the artwork.

  • Removing my signature from the artwork.

  • Altering the artwork without my consent.

  • Using any of my work for NFT or AI purposes is strictly prohibited.

commercial / merch rights

  • Individuals (not companies) may use the commissioned work for promotional / streaming purposes without paying for commercial rights. Crediting is still a must!

  • Companies / corporates: please send an inquiry to [email protected] about certain fees.

Small signature will be removed from illustrations.+50%
Using the commissioned work on streaming platforms and social media for promoting purposes (Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, etc.)+100%
Merchandise (stickers, t-shirts, prints, etc)+150%

nda options:

  • Privacy fee (not streaming / posting the commission till debut): +20%

  • Privacy fee (not streaming / posting the commission for 8 months): +50%

refunds / cancellation

  • If I am unable to complete the commission for any reason, I have the right to cancel and refund you the full price.

  • If money has not been sent yet, the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission.

  • If you decide to cancel your commission before sketch approval and payment has been sent, you may be refunded 50% of the total price.

  • If the commissioner violates the terms, I reserve the right to cancel the commission with no refunds.

  • Payment is non-refundable in any other cases.

  • ToS fee from the full price is non-refundable.

rush orders

  • Request to bump your commission to the top of the queue.

  • I may decline the rush request if I feel like I wouldn't be able to complete the commission by the deadline.

RUSH AUp to 2 weeks+100%
RUSH BUp to 7 days+200%
RUCH CUp to 3 days+300%

live2d information

  • Mostly the same rules apply for Live2D commissions as for normal commissions, anything different will be mentioned here.

  • Proper credits to me are mandatory in your Twitter bio and Twitch panel as your mama (ママ) OR artist and/or rigger.

  • Work will be different for each commission depending on the complexity of each case.

  • Make sure you like the way I draw models, because I will NOT deviate from my style.

  • Please have a clear and concise image of your character ready for the submission. Provide a clear character reference / illustration. A full reference sheet is not needed but it is appreciated! Anything such as mood boards or Google images will not be accepted, unless asked for a character / outfit designing as well.

  • If character designing is required, you must pay the full design process fee first. Once the design is completed, the full pricing of the commission can be determined.

  • If the model will be used for a business or talent agency, the price will be adjusted to the scale of the project accordingly.

  • I do NOT give you the .cmo3 file.

  • If you notice any problems with your model after delivery, you may contact me for fixes, which will be done asap (up to 2 months after delivery). Any fixes after this phase come with an extra fee and will be completed after my current queue.

  • If you would like any additions added to your model later on, feel free to contact me so I could give a slot.

Models can be drawn in different poses but the face must be drawn symmetrically. If by any chance a revision(cutting, etc) is requested by the rigger, they will not incur additional charges. Please contact me and I'll gladly adjust what's needed.
Check-ins will be done in video format that I will send to you through Google Drive. Each model rigging will be done according to what I think would fit the character, unless requested otherwise. In that case, please provide references of rigging or describe the movement you wish to have.
I'll send a sketch, as well as a final model art before cutting.I will set up the model in VTS according to my likings. In case you don't like the way I set it up or don't know how to set up the face tracking yourself, please contact me to get help for VTS setup adjustments.


  • I have the rights to post the commission on my social media, tagged with the commissioner.

  • I will use your model in my portfolio, details will however not be released until the commissioner has had their debut.

  • You may use the commissioned Live2D model for livestreams and commercial purposes (self promotion).

  • The model may not be altered or edited by you or another artist without my permission.

  • You may not redistribute or post the model files on public domain, or resell your model to anyone.


  • Clients are expected to pay a 10% waitlist fee within 72 hours of confirming their slot. The remaining 90% can be paid when I will start working on their commission.

  • Commissions will be started only after the payment has been finalized.

live2d art process:

  • I will begin sketching. Updates won't be sent until the sketch is finished. (Major changes are possible with an extra fee in case I receive a clear reference of the new design, otherwise please ask for a character / outfit designing)

  • Once the model sketch is approved, I'll start coloring. (Only minor changes are possible: colors, small details. No fixing in pose / clothes / design)

  • Once coloring is done, I will send a preview of the finished model for a final approval (Only color corrections are possible)

  • Once I receive the final approval, I'll send the final files via email.

live2d rigging process:

  • I will begin rigging.

  • Once rigging is done, I will send a preview video of the finished rig for an approval (Corrections are possible: Strength of physics, speed of animations, etc)

  • I will send the files to the email address you provided to let you try out the rigged model. I will provide video guides on setting up the model in Vtube Studio and such.

  • If any correction is needed, let me know and I'll fix it without any additional fee.

  • Once I receive the final approval, I'll send the final files via email.

refund / cancellation:

  • Payment is non-refundable, except there is an issue on my end. In that case you may be refunded 90% of the total price if paid full upfront. Please note that the waitlist fee is non-refundable.

  • In case you had a partial payment plan and decided on cancelling the commissions, you won't be asked to finish the rest of the payment.


Frequently asked questions


▸Terms of Service

▹ When are you opening commissions?

I usually have commissions open all year, but there might be some cases when closing is needed due to my studies. Make sure to follow my Twitter for the latest updates!

▹ When will you complete my commission?

I do not work under deadlines unless discussed ahead, which will result in fees. On the other hand, rush commissions are available as well as an estimated turnaround (find more info here). I am asking for your patience as I am not a full time artist, I am a university student.

▹May I get an update on my commission?

I send progress screenshots as soon as a significant amount of progress has been made or once I am done sketching. Therefore please be patient.If I had not sent an update, it means there is NO update.

▹How long is the response time?

I do my best to respond to DMs as soon as possible, however responses might be delayed due to weekends and vacations. Please allow me 5 business days to reply.If you have not received a response, please send a follow-up message.

▹ Do you have a waitlist?

Yes I do. If my waitlist is open, it will be stated on the home page as well as on my Twitter.

▹ Could you make [commission type]?

DM on Twitter or send an email for inquiry, but if it's not listed on my website, I will probably not accept your request due to uncertainty about providing the same quality. It's worth a try though!

▹ How does your waitlist work?

Your slot on the waitlist will be secured once we discussed every detail and I received the full payment upfront. For Live2D commissions, partial payment can be picked after discussion.Your given month is when I'll start working on your commission (without a specific start date) and NOT the delivery month.

▹ May I ask for a price quote?

Of course. Feel free to reach out to me for a price quote even if you are not 100% sure about commissioning.

▹ I couldn't find an answer to my question.

Please contact me via Twitter DM (@alexalap) or via email ([email protected]).






comm: twitch emotes, character art, doodlepage


Alexa is absolutely one of my favorite artists to work with. She's very thorough, professional, up front, but also patience with newcomers to the industry. Her work is always top tier quality, even if it's a YCH or a custom piece! I'm very honored and blessed to be able to keep working with her, and highly recommend her services to anyone in the industry: new or not!



comm: twitch emotes


Alexa is literally a GODDESS when it comes to emotes. She is amazing to work with and she puts so much into her art and it shows! In a addition to her amazing art, she is the sweetest person ever. Alexa has easily become my go to when it comes to anything emote/VTuber related. I am definitely looking forward to working with her more in the future.

Lady Guenivere


comm: reactive png, character art, reference sheet, character / outfit design


Alexa is an amazing and talented artist who puts so much care and work into every tiny detail of her work and designs. She makes the commission process super easy and the final products are always well worth the wait!

Kaen Kon


comm: emotes, animated emotes, mascot design, merch art, illustration


Words cannot begin to express the love I have for Alexa!! I had found her while searching for an emote artist and commissioned her for my new emotes. I had some pretty different ideas in mind and she managed to PERFECTLY capture these!! She kept me up to date on the work, and even added so much extra detail for them to be perfect! She was so kind and her work was so beautiful, I'm now working with her on more commissions, and I STILL want to commission her for more!! She has a wide variety of services she offers and puts so much love and effort into each and every piece she does. I feel so comfortable around her, and so happy to be a returning client <3



comm: reference sheet


The communication and ability to bring my idea into a real drawing is amazing. Always checks in with updates and did an amazing job on my commission. Would love to commission again!



comm: reference sheet


Alexa's art style immediately caught my attention when she helped me create a character reference sheet. I was pleased with how she presented her packages, which allowed me to choose an option that suited my budget. Throughout the commission process, Alexa was excellent at communicating with me and provided regular updates. She was also very accommodating when I requested changes, for which I'm grateful. I would highly recommend her services to anyone! <3


comm: reference sheet


I heard about Alexa through a friend who had recently gotten screwed over on emotes by a different artist and wanted some professionally done and went to her for them. Loved her art style and needed a reference sheet so I commissioned one and was very happy with the results! She was amazingly detailed and very communicative through the process, I could not recommend her more! ♥♥♥



comm: doodlepage


Absolutely lovely! A pleasure working with! Watched the process on twitch, was super kind the entire way through!! Overall 10/10, would def comm again <3



comm: twitch emotes


Alexa has done so many emotes for me, I know I'm going to come back for more. Not only do they provide so much detail, but they provide feedback and suggestions on your ideas and accompanies them with comparisons for you to consider. Very professional and thoughtful.


general commission form

Commission type: emote, character art, etc.
Amount of commission: 3 x emotes, 2 x chibis, etc.
Character references: reference sheet, pictures, link to GDrive folder, etc.
Commission details / specifications:
Would you like to add any rights? commercial usage, merch, etc.
Do you have a hard deadline? if yes, specify
May the commission be streamed? y / n
May the commission be public? y / n
Paypal email for invoice: [email protected]

  • For Personal / Commercial commission: please send the filled General Commission Form via Twitter DM (@alexalap) or email ([email protected])

  • For Corporate / Freelance work: please email [email protected] for inquiry.

request forms

fill out a request form or send me a general commission form via twitter dm or email!